NICOLA CILETTI. A witness of his hometown.


The Mayor of San Giorgio La Molara, the Association “Archivio Nicola Ciletti” and the District of Benevento present a new book about Nicola Ciletti: “A witness of his hometown”.

It’s a collection of the Artist’s paintings in which  a particular topic is shown: the strong relationship between Ciletti and his hometown San Giorgio La Molara. In fact, a lot of his paintings represent the small village, in which he was born and lived, and its people.

In the book are reproduced about 30 works (someone unpublished) including canvas, drawings and pastels. These represent urban view, landscapes and portraits of people easily recognizable and identifiable.  Moreover, the last section of the book presents some of the photos shot by Ciletti in the town, which escaped bombardment of 1943 and patiently restored.  

In 2002, as result of this research  an interesting exhibition was prepared in the ancient Dominican convent in San Giorgio.   

The presentation of the book “Nicola Ciletti. A witness of his hometown” was in Benevento on 21 October  2006 in the “Gianni Virgineo” room of the Sannio Museum.. The chairmen were:


This book is a precious work, realized with special papers with three different colours for each section in which it’s divided:

a.      texts, with an English translation of the biographic note;

b.      collection of paintings and drawings in 29 colour  pictures;

c.      collection of photos in 9 b/w pictures.


Cover on the book "Nicola Ciletti, a witness of his hometown”


Format: cm 21x21.

Pages: 87:

sec. a) with introducing texts. N 12 pages with n 3 colour pictures; texts by Luigi Antonio Vella and Tiziana Iazeolla;

sec. b) with a collection of paintings. N 59 pages in brown cartboard 220 g/sq with n 29 colour pictures “out of text” manually glued;

sec. c) with a collection of photos. N 16 pages with n 9 b/w pictures; text by Alessandro Iazeolla.

Photographic documentation: Marco Carpiceci, Alessandro Iazeolla.

Pagination: Studio Savina, Roma.

Date of publishing: July 2006


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